Free signed print of choice with any artwork purchase ‘bargain’

TAKING her love of art beyond the classroom, St Mel’s Catholic Primary School Campsie teacher Kate Fernandes says art has the power to change the way we see the world, awakening us to new perspectives, ideas and values.

A former ArtExpress winner and Fine Arts graduate, she says more people should dip their toe into the world of art and discover its therapeutic and spiritual benefits.
“It is vitally important for young people to be exposed to the arts as it allows them to explore healthy ways to express themselves,” she said.
“Art encourages problem solving, creative thinking and exposes children to many different ways in which the world can be perceived and it’s also just plain fun.
“There are not many areas of our curriculum these days where kids are able to make a mess and have a great time. This is another reason why I believe art is so important.”
Recently launching a website ( with plans to showcase her work further at coming exhibitions, she works in acrylic, ink and watercolours and loves to capture the beauty in seascapes, country scenes, florals and still lifes, offering a free signed print of choice with any artwork purchase.
“I am also happy to do commissions for individuals or business,” she said.
“Art can bring awareness to social issues and foster a sense of acceptance – bringing people together regardless of background.”