Founding Principal farewelled

PLUTO was still considered a planet, the iPhone wasn’t yet on the market and words like ‘hashtag’ and ‘photobomb’ didn’t exist when Ian Adamson (pictured) became Principal of Newington Public School in 2006.

The school, which was then in its fifth year, had 11 classes with 300 students and under his leadership it has more than tripled in size, peaking at 38 classes with almost 1,000 students by 2017.
Retiring after leading Newington PS for more than 13 years, Mr Adamson was farewelled at the end of the school term by students, parents and staff who formed an ‘guard of honour’ on his final day.
He said it had been an “honour and privilege” to serve as the school’s principal.
“We have built on the strong foundations and culture of the early years of this school,” he said.
“I am indebted to all those staff members over the past 13 years who have worked with me to provide opportunities; to encourage, motivate and challenge our students to work towards their individual personal best.”