Food Pantry grows to help feed hundreds every week

NOW feeding about 1,200 families a week, the Addison Road Community Centre Organisation’s Food Pantry has just doubled in size to cater for the explosion in those needing to put food on the table.

Launched in 2016 to rescue fresh fruit, vegetables, bread and other high quality food and household products from being thrown into landfill and offering them to the community, the Food Pantry supplies shoppers with a bag of groceries for just $5.
“We’re rescuing over one tonne of food every week and are supported by a fantastic team of volunteers, staff and partner organisations,” Addison Road’s Mark Mordue said.
“The fact that demand for our service has gone through the roof is good, because we can help, but it also shows real problems brewing in the community as we’re not just helping the unemployed but also those under mortgage stress.
“It’s often hidden as people are ashamed if they don’t have enough to feed their family.
“Whatever your financial situation, if you’re looking for low cost groceries or committed to reducing your carbon footprint, then you’ll be welcome here at the Food Pantry.
“The $5 bag of groceries might only save you $20 or $30 on what you’d buy at the supermarket but it takes some stress out of life, letting you save that money to get through the next few days.
“I wish I’d known about the Food Pantry when I was unemployed; it’s great knowing we are contributing to the community’s well-being since food is a basic part of what we are.”
As part of Addison Road’s War on Waste campaign, the Food Pantry is often cheaper for businesses to donate excess food than throw out.
“So there’s also a real economic benefit,” Mr Mordue added.
The Pantry is open Tuesday, 2pm-5pm, Wednesday, 10am-2pm, and Thursday, 2pm-7pm, with parking available. To donate food, call 9569 7633.