Flush out store toilet paper thief

AN Auburn man has been charged in relation to the alleged theft of 400 packets of toilet paper.
Police will allege in court that on Sunday, March 22, between 7pm and 8.30pm, he and another man accessed restricted storage areas to steal toilet paper from stores at Granville and Auburn stores but left empty handed from the stores in Bass Hill and Lidcombe.
The 30-year-old man was arrested during a vehicle stop on Vaughan Street at Lidcombe, just before 2pm last Friday.
He was charged with two counts of larceny, robbery in company, break and enter dwelling-house etc with intent and enter inclosed land not prescribed premises without a lawful excuse.
Police Minister David Elliott praised the actions of police.
“At this time of crisis, it only takes one fool to cause a high level of unnecessary community anxiety. I congratulate the police on this arrest,” he said.