First ‘silent disco’ to aid autism sufferers

HAVING a blast dancing with their friends, Berala Public School students enjoyed an exciting new experience at a ‘silent disco’ last week to celebrate Autism Awareness Month.

Students were given headphones attached to a virtual DJ to reduce any impact on sensory issues that some students may have, with Deputy Principal Ashleigh Davis saying it was the first time the school had hosted such an event.
“Autism Awareness Month has always been important but even more so now for us as we have a new Inclusive Education Unit (IEU) with 21 students with autism,” she said.
“Our IEU students integrate into whole school activities where appropriate and all participated in the silent disco.
“We are very passionate about providing inclusive opportunities for all of our students and educating our students around disabilities.”
With the school now planning to hold the event every year, staff also provided treats for the disco’s cake and snack stall, raising $484 for Autism Spectrum Australia.