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Firing up taste, aroma of Italy

Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL

THE taste and aroma of Italy is firing up at Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL from this Friday, with the team of chefs leaving no stone unturned with this new menu option now available at the club.

The chefs can’t wait to share the new ‘Wood’ menu with members and guests, when they launch the new wood-fired pizza showcase this weekend.
With a menu that nods to the nostalgia of the traditional local pizzeria cafes of Italy, and a custom built wood-fired pizza oven, this is a recipe for aromatic success.
The chefs’ menu is inspired by their own travels and appreciation for the simplicity of honest, traditional Italian cooking.
Chef Eddie recommends the Prosciutto e Rucola as he loves the simple flavour balance of the salty age cured prosciutto and natural pepper tones of the fresh rocket leaves.
Chef Francesco wants to share the nostalgic taste sensation from his home town of Puglia, Italy – Patate e Salsiccia – where the sizzle of the pork and fennel sausage in the aroma of rosemary, come to life in the smoke of the wood fire.
The attention to detail does not stop with the custom built wood fire oven and purist Italian menu, even the choice of wood has been carefully selected to complement the flavours.
Their pizzas will be quick-fired at high heat in the smoke and embers of ‘Iron Bark’ timber from Black Heath in the Blue Mountains.
“This choice of wood is the key ingredient in providing the distinctive wood-fired flavour and aroma that is ‘bellissima’,” the chefs say.
The Wood menu will introduce a few dishes this weekend, and the CHPRSL chefs look forward to hearing about the favourites, and introducing new flavour combinations every few weeks.
It’s available on Friday and Saturday nights, 5.30-9.30pm, from any venue at CHPRSL.
You can check out the full menu at chprsl.com.au, on the CHP APP or head to their Facebook page to see the oven in action.

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