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Find perfect pet among new breed ‘Rescuoodle’

A NEW campaign shining a spotlight on rescue pets will hopefully help the RSPCA find loving homes for the hundreds ready for adoption.

Fronting the campaign is Bondi Vet Dr Lisa Chimes (pictured) who said the campaign aimed to destigmatise rescue animals and inspire people to adopt them by officially declaring them as a breed of their own – Rescuoodle.
WITH a 30 per cent decline in adoptions, the RSPCA has launched Rescuoodles, to put rescue pets in the spotlight and “hopefully help them find the loving homes they deserve”.
The campaign aims to destigmatise rescue animals, while officially declaring them as a breed of their own – Rescuoodle (pronounced res-kyoo-dle) – regardless of their background or circumstances.
The campaign hopes to raise the profile of rescue animals and “gives rescue pets an all-inclusive, celebratory identity built around the unwavering belief that rescue animals are in a breed of their own”.
“We hope that people will feel inspired to choose adoption and that instead of searching for the perfect breed, they will look for the perfect friend,” an RSPCA spokesperson said.
With hundreds of Rescuoodles ready for adoption, and many more across the State in shelters and pounds, the aim of the campaign is to drive more adoptions in NSW, encouraging people to open their hearts and homes to the new breed.
Adult dogs in particular have been waiting five times longer than they were two years ago to find their forever home.
Fronting the campaign is Bondi Vet Dr Lisa Chimes, a practising veterinarian, who works in the emergency and critical care department at the Small Animal Specialist Hospital.
She says it’s a creative initiative and will show the public how special rescue pets are.
“Giving these animals time in the spotlight will hopefully help them find the loving homes they deserve,” she said.
“Their captivating qualities give them oodles of personality and charm.”
To find your “perfect friend”, visit rspcansw.org.au/adopt.