Fight for hospital, better rail service

ADVOCATING for a return of a fracture clinic to Auburn Hospital, will be the first priority for Member Elect for Auburn, Lynda Voltz.

She says it is unacceptable for parents who take a child into Auburn Hospital’s emergency department with a broken arm or leg, to then be told they need to go the Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

“We cannot afford to have staff and services taken away from Auburn and having people swamp the Emergency Department at Westmead,” she said.

“I will also be pursuing the issue of train timetables which are a complete disaster.

“No matter which train station you were at, not one single person had a good thing to say about the new timetables.”

Trains are also a priority for returning MP Elect for Granville, Julia Finn who said the Liberals spent “huge sums of money and effort” trying to win back the seat, with the Premier visiting twice in the final week of campaigning.

“That doesn’t make up for all the cuts to services and neglect over the past eight years,” she said.

“It doesn’t make up for M4 tolls, taking away train services and neglect to public schools.

“I will continue lobbying for the return of express train services and a new public school at Westmead, which has the largest student population of any public primary school in the state.”