Fifth putting vision at risk

THOUSANDS of residents are at risk of serious eye problems that could be avoided, after research revealed that while 91 per cent of adults have experienced a problem, one in five wouldn’t seek help hoping the problem would fix itself.

However attitudes like ‘she’ll be right’ puts sight at risk, according to Specsavers Bankstown Optometrist Mariella Coluccio.
“Many common eye problems could be early signs of more serious issues,” she said. “Changes in vision could be early signs of macular degeneration; floaters or flashes of light could be symptoms of a retinal detachment; cloudy vision could be a cataract and red eye could be caused by a serious corneal ulcer which if left untreated could lead to permanent vision loss.”
A key reason for not seeking medical assistance was the perceived cost of an appointment but Mariella says it is bulk-billed so there is no cost to the patient.
“Most don’t realise that eye problems like conjunctivitis, inflamed eyes and gritty eyes can be treated by optometrists who are therapeutically qualified,” she said.
“By booking an eye health check, it means you can not only check the overall health of your eyes, but you may also walk away with a prescription to fix any problem.”
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