Family’s isolating at office of parents

THEY haven’t seen their grandparents for a few weeks but Patrick Reilly, 17, and sister Julia, 14, have been getting plenty of family time with mum Ana and dad John as the four of them are not only living together but also isolating during the day at the parents’ workplace at Key Tax Solutions in Padstow.

Book-keeper Ana and accountant John made the decision a week ago for their three staff members to work from home, although they have a video conference at 10am daily and are in touch during the day.
At the same time, they decided to keep their children at home from their school, Georges River Grammar, with online lessons having just got underway from Monday.
“We decided to bring the children into work each day to do their lessons from here at the office in Padstow as the internet connection at our home in Picnic Point, is not as good,” Ana said.
“It seems to be going well and they have been doing their lessons and speaking to their teachers and have somewhere to get up and go to each day, even if it is just with mum and dad at work.
“At least they’re not stuck at home the whole time.
“We have our lunch break together so that is nice but the kids are definitely missing their friends.”
Ana said she’s had to be a lot more organised with the shopping and meal planning.
“I’ve just been shopping at my local IGA as the crowds are smaller and I’ve been trying to go just once a week,” she said.
“It is certainly a strange time for everyone and the hardest part is not knowing for how long.
“If we knew we had to do this for a month, that would be one thing but not knowing how long it’s going to last is hard, especially for kids.”