Family live in car for 10 months

DOMESTIC violence survivor Mary, 53, has been through hell and back, forced to live in a car with her two adult children for 10 months in a service station carpark on Canterbury Road – and needs help to get back on her feet.

After being assaulted and fearing for their lives last year, she and her children found half a house to rent but after a short time, she was given notice to move.
The Housing Department found motel accommodation for the trio but in the outer suburbs which Mary said was isolated and too difficult to even do shopping without a car – and neither of the three drive.
It was then they decided to move into a friend’s garage where she was for four months until it flooded and most of their belongings were ruined.
Still waiting on Housing Department accommodation in Canterbury Bankstown, she and her children agreed to move into her friend’s car which they thought may be for a week but it stretched into 10 months until last week, when a Housing Department property came up for rent in the local government area.
“Housing could’ve found me suitable accommodation sooner but my kids and I didn’t want to be split up,” she said.
“I never thought I’d end up living on the street; if it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone.
“We’re finally happy and safe now in our rental home though being on a job seeker payment, I have pressure on me to find work but I’m just not up to it yet.
“It’s great to have a roof over our heads but we’ve got nothing; Housing has ordered three beds so hopefully they’re on the way because at the moment, we’re sleeping on the floor and it’s very cold.”
Mary said any donations of linen, towels, blankets, kitchen items, table, chairs, even an old working TV, heater or radio would be greatly appreciated.
If you have items to donate, email