Family can swap instead of shop

CLOTHING swaps divert perfectly useable clothing and in this case, toys and children’s clothing, from unnecessarily ending up in our overflowing landfill.

By swapping instead of shopping, you help to keep items of clothing in use for longer, with the next swap event on offer in Cumberland Council meeting rooms (off the council foyer) at 16 Memorial Avenue, Merrylands, on Tuesday, March 24, 10-11.30am.
Cumberland Council’s Resource Recovery Engagement Officer Marion Winkler said the first Kids Clothing and Toy Swap held in November, was a great success and the events perfectly align with the council’s waste strategy and goal of helping residents to generate less waste and try to recycle where ever possible.
“It’s a win, win situation – great for the environment and great for another family whose child might be able to make use of something that your child has just grown out of,” she explained to the Review.
“We do have a limit of those that can take part because of space limitations here at the council so the first 30 people to book will be able to bring along five items – toys or clothing for 0 to five-year-olds, that are in good, useable, clean condition and then pick up five items to take home to their own family.”
Book via the council’s website; go to the events calendar section and there will be a link to the event’s date and simply click on that portal.