Families, elderly struggle

HELPING thousands of residents put food on the table, pay their power and phone bills and stocking them with emergency items, Holroyd Community Aid has been the backbone of the area for 52 years.

The only charity west of the railway line but receiving no government support, committee secretary Diane Jogia said that it was only thanks to a determined bunch of volunteers that the charity doors remained open.
“We have one part-time co ordinator, our only paid position, and about 15 enthusiastic volunteers who do everything within their power to help local individuals and families meet their daily needs,” Ms Jogia explained.
“Most of the smaller charities have closed down but we have managed to survive because of our Op Shop profits and community donations.
“It’s always amazing and greatly appreciated when a client we have helped in the past, sometimes five or 10 years later when they are back on their feet, come in and say ‘I want to thank you for your help and am now in a position to give something back’; it’s really these acts of generosity that keep us going.”
Ms Jogia says that each year, requests for assistance keep growing.
“So many people need help paying their power bills at the moment; it really is a crisis situation for families and the elderly.
“We also help with vouchers for prescriptions and food (through great supporter IGA) and have nappies, hygiene packs, clothing packs and of course, the need for blankets is always huge over winter.
“It’s tough at times to meet demand but we’re all determined to keep our service going.”
For further info or to make a donation, call 9637 7391 or drop in at 17A Miller Street, Merrylands.