Fake police seeking cash warning

THE Cybercrime Squad has warned of an increase in scammers using technology to trick people into believing their illegitimate call is originating from a legitimate phone number, such as a financial institution or government agency.

In recent months, detectives have been made aware of an increase of ID spoofing from scammers pretending to be from NSW police stations
The caller will usually impersonate a NSW police officer and tell the person receiving the call they have an outstanding fine, before demanding payment to prevent further court action.
Commander of State Crime Command’s Cybercrime Squad, Detective Superintendent Matt Craft, said the NSW Police would never call a member of the public for payment in order to avoid further police action.
“The best way to deal with these types of calls is to not engage or provide information, and to hang up,” Det Supt Craft said.
“A police officer will always be willing to identify themselves and make themselves contactable at a police station.”
He said that if you’re concerned or want to verify the legitimacy of your call, contact the station or Police Assistance Line directly on 131 444.
“Always remember that legitimate businesses, organisations or government departments will never call a customer seeking confidential information,” he said.
“Importantly, never give your personal details or credit information out over the phone, unless you are the one who made the call to a trusted number.”
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