‘Extra special year’ with lucky dragon showcase

ADDING to the magic and the kaleidoscope of colour at Lunar New Year celebrations this weekend, the Qing Fong Lion Dance team is bounding in to thrill young and old with their exciting moves, flashy costuming and traditional instruments.

Making this year’s celebration even more special, they will be accompanied by a huge ‘dragon’ who promises to bless attendees with an extra dose of good luck.
Represented by the only mythical – and the most powerful – creature of the 12-animal Chinese zodiac, the Year of the Dragon is considered unique.
The legendary magical beast is symbolic of authority, honour and dignity, particularly in China, where it has represented imperial power since ancient times.
Qing Fong Lion Dance team founder and ‘lion tamer’ Kelvin Qing Fong is only 24 but has been lion dancing since he was eight-years-old.
He says the best lion dancers come from Singapore and Malaysia and he has studied all of their moves.
“I learnt when I was young from family and I love that this year, we will be incorporating dragon dancing because that is not as common,” he said.
“Lion dancing can be performed with two participants but up to nine are needed for the dragon dance.
“The dances all mimic the movements of the animals so attendees can expect plenty of big cat like moves and the dragon will ‘fly through the air’ with loads of skipping, twirling and leaping.”
Kelvin said his team was passionate about keeping traditions alive.
“We’re looking forward to putting on a great show for everyone and invite all to make sure they come and pat the ‘lions’ too because they are very friendly,” he added with a laugh.
Catch all the action at Auburn Park on Saturday, February 10, 5pm and 6pm, and on Sunday, February 11, at Berala Community Centre at 10.30am and Berala Town Centre at 11.10am.