Expert team to have you ‘walking on air’

OFFERING effective treatment for all foot specialist needs, HK Podiatry was established in Padstow three years ago and has just moved to a newer and larger clinic at 120 Cahors Road, to cope with the growing demand from residents wanting to increase their foot health and well-being.

To cope with the demand and expanded services, leading podiatrist Hannah Knagge has employed Marcus Roche, who has more than a decade’s experience treating casual to elite athletes in Australia and the UK.
Hannah says: “We focus on foot strength and conditioning to get the foot strong before we do orthotics. We also use the latest in 3d scanning for orthotics which are 3d printed.
“High quality health care shouldn’t be expensive. Our services are extremely affordable and we look at all treatment options that will work best for the clients.”

A specialist in understanding the ‘diabetic’ foot, Hannah has experience aiding a wide range of people to overcome conditions including running and sporting injuries, special podiatry concerns and paediatric complaints.
“We also provide an extremely thorough skin and nail treatment, and are very confident our clients will feel like they’re ‘walking on air’ when they leave the clinic,” Hannah said.
“Diabetic patients, in particular undergo an in-depth diabetic lower limb assessment with all reports being sent back to your doctor.”
HK Podiatry can also assist with gait and footwear assessment.
Initial consultations are 40 minutes, with rebates available in the clinic for private health insurances, Medicare and DVA patients.
To make a booking, call 9771 4440 or visit