Real Estate

Expert styling can be your secret to success

THE house you have on the market for sale should never look like the house you live in at any other time, says John Owsnett, Principal of Chambers Fleming Professionals Padstow.

He said many of those million dollar homes you see for sale which look like they have stepped off the cover of a magazine, have usually been styled by interior designers or professional stylists.
“Stylists will come in and clean and de-clutter every area both inside and out, freshen up tired rooms with paint and bring in eye catching pieces of furniture and soft furnishings, such as rugs and cushions in co-ordinated colours and fabrics,”he said.
Gardens too can receive a quick makeover with fresh turf, plants and mulch.
The before and after photographs of a house which has been styled for sale can be truly amazing so much so that you’d never guess that half of the owner’s belongings are most likely in storage somewhere.
“But the difference this fine detailing can make to the sale of a property both in terms of time on market and final asking price, can be dramatic if done well,” John said.
“The importance of de-cluttering can’t be emphasised enough.
“Buyers want to see the rooms so they can imagine their own belongings in there. Distracting them with great grandma’s teapot collection will certainly provide a talking point, but it won’t help them form an emotional bond with the house.”
John says that any house which is spotless is going to make a good impression.
“Particular areas to run the fine tooth comb over are the kitchen and bathrooms as these often will be the main focus of the buyer’s attention,” he said.
“Living areas too, both inside and out are vital. These days buyers are looking for that all important outdoor space in which to entertain.”
For more tips, contact Mr Owsnett on 9771 4555.