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Expert help to look your best

Hartnells World of Fashion. Lorrainne Reaiche....Photo Daniela gedz 22/1/19

ONE of the biggest myths about older women is that we are no longer interested in looking stylish.

There is a big misconception that women over 60 are invisible, frumpy and uninterested in looking good.
But according to Hartnell’s World of Fashion’s Sandra Demir, women over 60 are often more fashionable than we used to be when we were younger, because we have better self-confidence and a stronger sense of self.
“If you ‘dress age appropriately’, it often has the effect of making you look younger – because people are not distracted by age-inappropriate clothing, and instead can appreciate what great shape you’re in, or how healthy your skin is or what a great haircut you have,” Sandra says.
And she should know after catering for the over 30s-80s age group (sizes 10 to 24) at Bankstown City Plaza for the past 35 years.
With high quality brands such as sevensisters, Joseph Ribkoss, Jesse Harper, Layla Jones and Zaliea, Sandra offers customers a casual to after 5 wear dress service, complete with some gorgeous knitwear, beautiful blouses, slacks, jewellery, handbags and other accessories.
“This store has been my life,” she says.
“I love nothing better than helping my customers find the ideal item and see them leave my store happy and excited.
“Come in and together we’ll find the perfect outfit or dress to suit any occasion.”