Exercise like a magic pill for looking, feeling great

ENGAGING in physical activity invigorates the body, fostering vitality and well-being with each movement and breath.

National Exercise Day last week (April 18) was a timely reminder that it’s time to put down that smart phone or computer, get off the couch and get moving – to ward off the modern scourge of inactivity.
In the past, exercise was built into daily routines.
Whether walking to the well to get water, feeding animals or working farm machines, gardening, kneading bread or even riding a horse to get to the next town, exercise was part of almost every person’s life.
But in today’s age of technology, where almost anything can be delivered to the doorstep, getting an adequate amount of physical exercise can be tricky.
That’s why it’s important to get a little help from the experts and according to Auburn PCYC Club manager Alese Keane, exercise is beneficial for any age group.
“For little kids, it develops co ordination, for teens it improves mood and mental health and for older people, exercise helps maintain muscle mass,” she said.
“Exercising also keeps your metabolism ticking over and allows faster recovery from injury.”
Dolly from Dolly’s Bootcamp, Granville, says exercise lets you stay on top of your game.
“You need exercise daily, even just going for a walk, to feel good and look good,” she said.
“It’s like a magic pill, there’s nothing better you can do for yourself than to make a commitment to exercise regularly.”
Manning from Adonis Athletics Merrylands agrees.
“Exercise extends your quality of life,” he said.
“It’s even better when you exercise in a group as you also benefit from that sense of community.
“If you want more energy and to feel young again, exercise is vital.”