Event to mark Autism Awareness month

PARENTS, grandparents and carers of people with autism have celebrated Autism Awareness month.

A volunteer with Autism Community Network (ACN), Lidcombe mum, Lucy Doherty whose 11-year-old son Alex has autism, coordinated a lunch which was generously funded by the Dooleys Club.
“It was a lovely opportunity for us to connect, share information – and a few laughs – build networks and learn from each other,” she said.
“Having a child with autism brings both many joys and many challenges.
“Things that people often take for granted, such as enrolling in a local school, sporting club or activity are often met with prejudice and lack of understanding, so connecting with others who have already been through the journey and sharing learnings is invaluable.”
Founded by Steve Drakoulis, a father to a young man with autism, ACN supports more than 1,500 families in the greater Sydney region.
Mr Drakoulis said he encountered examples of ignorance, misconception and prejudice on an almost daily basis.
“Despite great strides made in recent years to raise awareness of autism, we are kidding ourselves if we think the community is anywhere near understanding it,” he said.
ACN runs regular events for families impacted by autism in the Cumberland area; for more information, visit