Event one-of-kind for Muslims far and wide

FOR Soaliha Iqbal, Ramadan Nights Lakemba feels like home.

The influential journalist, who is proud of her Pakistani Muslim heritage, has been attending the event with her family for nearly a decade and always feels at home among the multicultural vibe.
It’s not uncommon for her to bump into friends and family, and she loves sipping on hot sahlab and watching vendors make some of her favourite foods, including jalebi.
“Muslims from all over travel to Lakemba because it’s such a lovely community,” Ms Iqbal said.
“For many Muslims it is the only event we have like this, where we can mingle and share our culture in a space designed specifically for us.
“It’s quite a beautiful experience and something I think many Muslims really appreciate and look forward to.”
Ramadan Nights Lakemba will transform Haldon Street into a bustling food bazaar every Thursday-Sunday from March 9-April 8, 6pm-3am.
For those that might be attending Ramadan Nights Lakemba for the first time this year, Ms Iqbal has a few tips to enjoying the experience and says Kashmiri Chai is a must-try that is difficult to find outside of the event.
“The quintessential foods to try are jalebi, Kashmiri chai, knafeh, sahlab and murtabak.
“They are always my favourite!”
Ms Iqbal says being kind and patient to people at the event is key and shares her top tips to being respectful:
• Respect Muslims’ choices to not play music in observance of Ramadan and its spirituality;
• Make an effort to learn about the purpose of Ramadan and engage with what it means;
• Treat the event like you would any other cultural event: respect local customs (in this case Muslim customs) and behave/dress/act accordingly; and
• Avoid bringing your dogs (excluding service dogs). Many Muslims consider it impolite, if not offensive, to bring dogs into places associated with prayer and worship, and food.
She said that while not all Muslims would share her views, it’s still the most considerate and polite approach for those attending.
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