Enjoy amazing tribute to Simon & Garfunkel

TAKE a trip down memory lane with the music that defined the sound and mood of the 1960s, as one of Australia’s top duos brings the iconic songs of Simon & Garfunkel to life at Bankstown Sports this May.

Inspired by that remarkable reunion concert in Central Park, New York, in 1981, Mark Shelley and John Robertson will take you back to where you were, what you felt and who you were with when you first heard songs like ‘Mrs Robinson’, ‘Sounds of Silence’, ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’, ‘Homeward Bound’ and ‘Scarborough Fair’.
“It really is a trip down memory lane with this show,” Mark says.
“We don’t impersonate or pretend to be the real Simon & Garfunkel but we celebrate the music instead.
“Our harmonies are exactly the same as Simon & Garfunkel’s harmonies and for me, the most important thing is to respect the songs and the way they were originally written and recorded.”
Backed by their stunning band, Mark’s and John’s vocals, musicianship and humour will recreate the magic of the songs, sounds and times that were Simon & Garfunkel.
“We want people to simply enjoy a fantastic night of entertainment and memories,” Mark said.
“We incorporate a bit of humour into the show and we do interact with the audience quite a lot as well, to take them on an emotional journey with us”.
Simon & Garfunkel – The Concert is on in The Theatre this Saturday, May 11, with tickets, $35.