English tutor excited to help client achieve goals

DURING National Volunteer Week’s 30th anniversary celebrations last week, local volunteer Janine Farah explained why she helped others to improve their English free of charge through Navitas English College in Bankstown.

As well as studying for her master’s degree in Peace and Conflict Studies, Janine has been volunteering for two years.

“I started with an Egyptian student in the beginning. I tutored her for around a year before she moved and I’m now tutoring a Vietnamese student,” Janine explained.

“When I have an Arabic-speaking student I think it’s slightly easier because I come from a Lebanese background so you have that immediate rapport.

“But when I have a student that comes from a completely different cultural background, I find that incredibly exciting too.” 

Janine said people were much happier once they improved their ability to communicate.

“I think when we’re talking about language, it’s usually in the context of gaining access to employment opportunities or education,” she said. 

“While those things are extremely important, I’ve also seen immediate benefits at the family level; when I see mothers feeling more equipped to help their kids with homework, it’s something that’s great to be part of.” To find out more, visit