Economy’s improving but vital as ever to shop local

WITH inflation reducing and interest rates expected to stay on hold before falling in the coming months, 2024 is looking very positive for businesses and consumers alike.

However, Canterbury Bankstown Chamber of Commerce President Wally Mehanna said it’s vital to keep flying the ‘Shop Local’ flag with pride.
He said that by buying local, your money stays here and benefits the local community by creating jobs and lowering our environmental impact, with local shoppers logging 26 per cent less kilometres a week than those who seek goods further afield.
Many of the same goods are available at your local stores, be it at the butchers, bakers or greengrocers among many, with these products of a similar if not lower price but far fresher and better quality than that of the major supermarkets.
“Keeping money local helps fund important services and local businesses are less susceptible to national downturns and more likely to stay open,” he said.
“It’s so much nicer to have that face-to-face experience with a local business who is also more likely to prioritise customer service.
“If you want to return goods bought online, it’s often frustrating but a local business is far more convenient to deal with.”
He said that without local business support, areas die off, as can be seen in many regional areas.
“So spend your money locally to ensure our suburbs stay vibrant and thriving,” he said.
Urbanista Cafe & Convenience Store manager Eddie Nader agrees.
“Supporting local businesses means money is recycled back into the community,” the Condell Park businessman said.
“We, for example, sponsor Bankstown Stars Football Club, among others, and even presented Condell Park Public students with a ‘graduation’ teddy bear last year.”
Fresh Soul Bankstown dress shop manager Gina Tzanos said the most important reason to shop locally is to keep your area alive and create local jobs.
“No one wants to live in a ghost town,” she said.