Drop off old device or book pickup

WITH the festive season approaching, Whirl Recycling is offering its free services to residents who do not know what to do with their old or outdated devices.

Whirl co-founders Lisa and Adrian Saunders say used electronics and appliances are not waste as even though the first user is done using the gadgets, they’re still a valuable resource to someone else.
Lisa says the traditional recycling of crunching everything up and putting it back into manufacturing, only works with massive machinery and a lot of infrastructure.
“Whirl focuses on reuse over recycling,” she said.
With a network of repairers, collectors and enthusiasts behind them, Whirl Recycling staff work to find the most efficient way of giving these items a second life.
“Old electronics have a story to tell and don’t need to end up in landfill,” Lisa said.
“It’s far easier to reuse, repair or recycle and we find the most sustainable way to give your unwanted items their next story.
“Nothing goes to landfill.”
Items accepted include mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers, cameras, camera lenses and accessories, servers, switches, modems, tablets, iPads, iPods, iPhones, Android devices, computer games, Gameboys, Nintendos, Xbox, Playstations, tools, cords and cables, small kitchen appliances, massage guns, garden tools, turntables, DVD players, stereos, drones, computer keyboards, small to medium-size power tools, routers, hard drives, radios, receivers, amplifiers and motors.
Drop off items at Roselands Shopping Centre’s Violet Street parking lot this Sunday, November 26, 7-9am.
To find out more or book a pickup: