Drivers disobeying rules mayhem

I AM fortunate to live reasonably close to the Padstow shops, so normally walk there for a coffee and shopping.

Last Wednesday, I had a few extra things to do so needed to drive. Here is my experience.
I waited at the lights (red arrow) on the station to turn left from Memorial Drive into Howard Road. The red arrow went out but several cars had to wait for newly crossing pedestrians completely disregarding the flashing no walk sign or on their phones oblivious to their immediate surroundings. (An all too common occurrence here).
Down the road I wanted to turn right into Faraday Road but as I was making my turn, a car just drove over the raised pedestrian crossing disobeying the stop sign and basically out into the intersection before he stopped.
I then went to turn down the lane next to the Post Office but had to wait while a white Hiace tradies van came out against the one way traffic. The driver either didn’t care or didn’t realise as he shrugged and laughed as he did it.
After completing my chores I was on the way home, again waiting at the lights behind another car to turn right from Howard Road to go over the rail bridge. The lights went green but the car coming from the other direction didn’t move. We didn’t know why it hadn’t moved until the driver made a right hard turn into Padstow Parade disobeying the No Right Turn sign there (and also with no indicator).
These types of driving incidents are becoming all too common now.
Where has the courtesy gone? Yes, some rules can be a pain but they are there for everyone’s safety. They are not difficult to follow.
Perhaps the driving gods and walking gods are hinting that I should continue walking while still able.