Drivers able to claim first quarter toll relief

WESTERN Sydney is the epicentre of toll relief under the NSW Government’s $60 toll cap, with 350,000 e-tag account holders entitled to a rebate after the first three months of the scheme.

Eligible accounts will receive an average $134 cash rebate a quarter with the majority flowing to Western Sydney.
The latest data shows that a total of $46.8 million is available to be claimed after the first quarterly period, with Auburn ($266) one of the suburbs with fewer eligible claims but a higher average rebate per account.
Drivers who spend on average $200 a week on tolls will receive approximately $7,280 in rebates each year.
A fair use provision will ensure the integrity of the scheme, with motorists able to claim up to $400 in tolls for a maximum rebate of $340 a week for each tag on a toll account.
Anyone who needs Service NSW assistance linking their toll account and claiming, can call 13 77 88 for help or visit a Service NSW Centre.