Drive to escape home with twist in tasty bite of theatre

ONE of the highlights in this year’s Short+Sweet Festival, ‘Changing, Engaging, Ageing’ is an age-old tale that many theatregoers will relate to, according to Merrylands director Darrell Hoffman.

Starring Carolyn Neumann and Charlene O’Sullivan, mum and daughter Isabel have been living together for 30 years – and mum wants everything to stay the same.
However, the unthinkable happens for her when Isabel is offered a job in Canberra and is considering taking it to escape mum’s clutches.
“It’s the classic tale of a possessive parent who can’t see just how controlling her behaviour is, not only has it likely driven away Isabel’s father but also her boyfriend,” Darrell said.
“So you can understand Isabel’s desire to get away too.
“But everything isn’t as simple as it seems and there’s definitely a hilarious twist at the end; it’s a completely compelling and well-written story by Maz Goldrick.”
Also an actor, Darrell says he’s hoping to make the festival finals in May and is looking forward to seeing the play being performed four times in its premiere week.
“The audience will get to enjoy 11 engaging plays a night in total so definitely mark this one down in the diary,” he said.
You can catch ‘Changing, Engaging, Ageing’ and other short, sharp, tasty theatre bites at Turner Hall, Ultimo, from April 18-21.