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Domestic violence blitz sees offenders targeted

A MAN was arrested in Merrylands during a State-wide sting targeting serious domestic violence offenders earlier this month.

POLICE still have a number of serious domestic violence offenders in their sights after almost 600 people were charged during a four-day, state-wide, high-visibility operation earlier this month.
Operation Amarok V, an intelligence-based policing strategy led by each region’s Domestic Violence High-Risk Offender Teams (DVHROT), resulted in 590 arrests – 229 were wanted for serious domestic violence offences – and 1,183 charges.
Throughout the four-day operation, police also conducted 131 Firearms Prohibition Order (FPO) compliance searches, and 5,493 Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders (ADVOs).
While the number of domestic serious assaults have remained stable over recent years in Cumberland, the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research show there was an alarming 947 incidents last year – almost 20 every week.
NSW Police Corporate Sponsor for Domestic and Family Violence, Deputy Commissioner Mal Lanyon, said the latest Operation Amarok had once again proved to be another successful operation, with close to 600 arrests made – significantly, 229 of those were wanted on serious domestic violence offences.
He said the operations enabled police to address domestic and family violence with the seriousness it warranted, akin to organised crime and homicide.
“It’s about precision in targeting the most dangerous offenders; the ones who pose a significant threat to victims, to family members, to other members of the community,” he said.
“Operation Amarok V incorporates methods that enable us to find the individuals we need to target and to act swiftly and effectively in apprehending them before they have the chance to commit further serious harm.”
NSW Minister for Police and Counter-terrorism, Yasmin Catley, said the success of the first Operation Amarok of 2024 should serve as a strong message to the community.
“Operation Amarok V is the largest ever crackdown on dangerous domestic and family violence offenders, with the ultimate goal being to safeguard the community and reduce the incidence of serious harm or death,” Minister Catley said.
“This operation is unique in that it involves police strategically targeting and apprehending high-risk domestic violence offenders by using criminal profiling to identify those individuals who have both the intent and the capability to commit serious offences.”