Dog attacks bite

AN alarming number of dog attacks on Posties has led to calls for owners – especially those in Lidcombe which is one of the worst offending areas – to take more responsibility for their pets.

LIDCOMBE has become one of the worst areas for dog attacks on Posties.
New data from Australia Post has revealed that over the past six months, more than 55 Posties a week have fallen victim to dog-related incidents, amounting to an alarming 11 incidents a day.
Queensland has continued to record the highest number of incidents with 466 attacks, while NSW was second with 408.
Lidcombe was one of the State’s top three “worst offending” areas with 26 dog-related incidents in the last six months.
The data also showed that one in three attacks occurred at the customer’s front door and shockingly, 34 per cent of cases happened on the street, of which dogs with their owner accounted for eight per cent and the remaining 26 per cent involved a dog who escaped a property to attack a Postie or was roaming the street. The number of smaller dogs showing aggressive behaviour has increased.
Australia Post General Manager of Safety and Wellbeing, Rod Maule, said Posties just wanted to do their job – and should be able to in safety – “deliver for our customers, without being attacked, harassed or chased by dogs”.
“Australia Post is calling on dog owners to take responsibility for their pets,” Maule said.
“Customers must understand that for many Posties, it can be stressful or triggering knowing that your delivery round may involve a dog that shows aggressive behaviour.
“Regardless of the breed or temperament of your dog, we implore owners to secure their dog safely in a back garden, on a leash, or in another room when expecting parcel deliveries or mail, whether or not you are at home. If you are unable to restrain your dog securely, we suggest using our Parcel Lockers where possible.”