Discover forgotten but not ‘lost waterways of Inner West’ at talks

AS part of 2019 History Week, a morning focusing on the ‘Lost Waterways of the Inner West’ is on offer at Addison Road Community Centre this Sunday, September 8, 10am-12noon.

The morning will involve everything from a gentle walking tour of the grounds (and ‘imagining’ a creek that runs below the surface) to various talks and presentations, as well as an interactive artwork and rarely heard indigenous oral histories.
Curator Mina Bui-Jones said: “Lost Waterways of the Inner West obviously overlaps with environmental issues, and the truth that nature has not gone away in the urban environment.
“The Cooks River and related underground creeks and waterways are laced throughout the Inner West. We need to recognise how important they are still.
“I think the idea that nature hasn’t gone away is very important. As we remember how it was historically, we also see how it persists into the present. And that makes us think about the future.
“If we can’t locate the original indigenous name given to it, I would also like to float the idea that we re-name the creek that flows under Addi Road Centre and which was covered over and funnelled in stormwater drains when the army took over the site in 1916; if something has a name you notice it and treat it with more respect.”
The morning is free to attend but bookings are essential via