Discount rate to get pet desexed, chipped

FOR a limited time only, residents with a pension, health care or Newstart card, can get their pets desexed, microchipped and vaccinated at a heavily discounted price.

The City of Canterbury Bankstown, in partnership with the RSPCA, is providing subsidised services as part of the Community Animal Welfare Scheme (CAWS), for eligible local residents.
Mayor Khal Asfour says there are many benefits in having your cat or dog desexed.
“Not only do pets live longer and healthier lives, if they’ve been desexed, it also reduces the number of strays who end up on the street,” he said.
“Unfortunately, in all major cities, a number of pets are surrendered by their owners or picked up because they are strays, placing pressure on animal care facilities.
“Programs such as CAWS give pet owners access to quality health and wellbeing services at a reduced rate, as well as helping to decrease the number of abandoned animals.”
The costs, which include desexing, microchipping and vaccination, are: Female cat, $50; female dog, $65; male cat, $35; and maledog, $50.
Other health benefits associated with pet desexing, include reduction of aggressive behaviour in male dogs; prevention of organ diseases in female dogs; reduction of interest in wandering in male cats, making it less likely for them to get lost and be involved in a road accident; increase in affection and sociability in female cats; and prevention of certain types of cancers in both cats and dogs of both sexes. For more info and to book, call 0417 223 556, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.