Disability no barrier for student talents

SEVERAL students from Merrylands Public will join 200 others with disability to take to the stage to prove talent has no boundaries when Shining Stars returns this Thursday and Friday.

Merrylands Public Principal Bronwyn York said: “Our teacher has noticed that students are ‘standing tall’ and feeling proud about the music they are making and the skills they are learning.
“I think the parents will have great pride in their children and a great sense of appreciation for the opportunity that their child has had through this program. I think that many in the audience will be moved to tears.”
Michelle Davies, Shining Stars organiser, says the show has challenged audience expectations of students with disability since its inception in 2013.
“Whenever these students perform, people are blown away,” Ms Davies said.

“There’s nothing tokenistic about this show, it’s straight out and out student ability; the fact that they can bring so much talent together after just four workshops for each ensemble is truly magical.”
The three shows will feature a combination of dance, drama and musical performances, with a visual arts exhibition open for an hour before the performances begin.
They’re on offer at Campbelltown Arts Centre on Thursday, September 19, at 7pm and Friday, September 20, at 12.30pm and 7pm.