Dirty deed bust

TWO brazen dumpers have been caught red-handed unloading a tipper truck full of rubbish and leaving it in the middle of a Belmore street.

The duo who were driving a white tipper truck were captured on CCTV and reported to police and the council by residents late last year. Residents have been praised for their help in catching two men who dumped a pile of rubbish in the middle of a Belmore street last year.
Mayor El-Hayek praised the residents who assisted council investigators with information and CCTV footage.
The footage shows two men jumping from the truck under cover of darkness with the tray raised and emptying the contents onto the roadway.
The truck’s owner, along with the person responsible for the waste, were both identified and fined a total of $9,500 for transporting excess waste to an unlawful waste facility and failing to comply with a notice. They were also ordered to cover the council clean-up costs which totalled $2,000.
Canterbury Bankstown Mayor Bilal El-Hayek said the roadway was blocked to motorists and council staff managed to clean up the building, demolition and general waste which stretched from Allegra Avenue to Chapel Lane.
“The community is fed up with those who cut corners and dump on our City,” he said.
“Those who witnessed the incident worked with the council during the investigation and even offered to help.
“May this act as a warning to all those who are thinking about dumping – you will be caught, and you will be fined.”
The council’s concerted efforts to tackle household illegal dumping have led to a 54 per cent reduction in offences and a 130 per cent increase in booked clean-ups across priority areas since May 2022.
Dedicated council officers are targeting problem areas with high visibility education campaigns, street patrols and motion sensor cameras to catch offenders.
“I’m proud of our team who are working to catch the offenders, but our officers cannot be everywhere at all times,” Mayor El-Hayek said.
“We also rely on residents to be our eyes and ears.”
Residents are encouraged to report instances of illegal dumping online at or by calling the council on 9707 9000.