Diet plan sees staff shed kilos, lift mood

☐ Some of the COS staff taking part in the Mettafood challenge, Claire Gordon, Nadia Hamdan and Selin Demir.

TAKING part in a Corporate Wellness Program, Lidcombe business Complete Office Supplies (COS) held a 21-day wholefood, plant based, educational program, run by local start up Mettafood, with outstanding results.

Seven brave individuals were given a how to guidebook, with recipe suggestions and daily nutrition trips as well as a weekly meet up for support. They prepared all their own food, eating only fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes during the three-week challenge
There was no calorie counting, no portion control and they were encouraged to eat till they were comfortably full. All the participants lost weight – at an average of 2.85kg a person. Total group weight loss was 19.9kg.
CEO Dominique Lyone said: “When my wife was faced with high blood pressure, we discovered whole food and plant based eating as an alternative to medication.
“I wanted to share the opportunity for improved wellness with our employees at COS.”
Participant Nadia Hamdan said: “I used to make bad choices before and never understood why I had so many health issues.”
Another participant said she was “surprised at how easy it was to lose weight, while still eating so much”.
Participants reported better mood, sleep and ability to concentrate.
Mettafood Co-founder Puay Yuen Leow had suffered the early loss of relatives to ‘lifestyle’ diseases.
“Mettafood comes from the word metta, which means loving kindness in the ancient Pali language. Mettafood poses this question – we all love food but does the food we love, love us back? With wholefood plant based eating, we know it is more likely to.”