Develop plan to come clean

A REVIEW has identified a number of inefficiencies in the way streets and town centres are being cleaned and recommended a number of changes.

Review finds standards good but only in high profile areas

In March, a call by Councillor Ned Attie for a comprehensive report on the council’s town centre and street cleaning program, received unanimous support from his colleagues.
According to the report tabled on Wednesday, nearly 70 staff including supervisors undertake general cleaning duties throughout Cumberland, with a consultant engaged to review the existing street cleaning program, finding that the standard was “generally good in the high profile areas”. However the review did note that there was a lack of service standards for areas outside the town centres.
It also found that the span of hours did not provide a good coverage of staff and recommended the introduction of a three-shift pattern, with a day, afternoon and night shift.
“This will increase the cleaning team’s capacity to service the area over the 24 hour period and utilise plant and equipment more consistently.
“The review has also identified opportunities to redeploy some staff currently undertaking manual litter collection and utilise them in the operations of the mechanical sweepers to increase usage and coverage.”
Realigning the ‘cleansing team’ under the City Services Maintenance Team as part of the council’s restructure, will also provide a greater integration of maintenance functions which will “in part improve the management of weed control in laneways and public domain maintenance”.
Cr Attie also asked for investigation into a strategy to better manage abandoned shopping trolleys, and the report noted that staff had reminded local retailers of “their obligations in relation to the collection” of trolleys.
“Retailers are advised that they are expected to implement an effective trolley management system,” the report said.