Day of family fun at Cooks clean up

Volunteers are encouraged to join members from the Mudcrabs with their Crab Walkers team and the Cooks River Valley Association to participate in the clean-up.

Beat the Bottle is an initiative of Sydney Water that tackles the issue of plastic waste in our waterways and allows clean-up volunteers to have fun while they are helping the environment.
Beat the Bottle will commence at 9am with a Welcome to Country, followed by entertainment from FBI radio with Ruby Miles and R&B performer Alphamama.
There will be a Junkyard Beats music workshop and a virtual reality game where kids can identify and count the number of plastic bottles in the environment.
All clean-up participants will receive a stainless-steel reusable bottle at the end of the clean-up and enjoy free coffee if they bring along a reusable cup. There will also be a barbecue to raise money for a local community group.
Tangaroa Blue will manage the sorting of all collected rubbish and report the outcomes on the amount and type of waste that has been collected on the day.
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Anne Leahy from the Cooks River Valley Association said: “Plastic pollution in our waterways is at crisis point generally and the Cooks River is an important waterway that constantly battles with litter that is either thrown directly into the river or indirectly washed in via stormwater.
“Sydney Water’s campaign Beat the Bottle champions local community groups actively involved in the clean-up movement.”