Dart Club’s popularity rise as more discover benefits

DARTS is hitting the target with younger generations keen to enjoy the fun, social and yet strategic game of skill and luck.

As such, the new Revesby Workers’ Dart Club is growing in popularity as more discover the joys of the rhythmic, mediative throwing motion.
As you focus on each throw, stress melts away; cortisol levels decrease and endorphins – the body’s natural mood boosters – kick in.
By playing darts, you slowly but surely enhance physical and mental skills like hand-eye coordination, motor control, concentration, problem-solving skills and mathematical thinking.
It doesn’t matter how awful you are when you start, a little practice will see you quickly improve, according to Dart Club Secretary Paul Sillato.
“Players must plan several steps ahead, considering the best combinations to close the game efficiently,” he said.
“This strategic aspect exercises higher-order thinking skills such as planning, foresight, and problem-solving.”
It’s played in Revesby Workers’ Rogues Sports Bar on Thursdays, with names submitted between 7.15-8pm and games commencing soon after.
Pairs are drawn, six games are played and there are prizes for first, second and third places, as well as for the highest score and highest peg-out on the night.
The cost is $5 a person to play.
“For beginners, the club supplies Darts and there are regular members to show you the ropes,” Paul said.
“One of the great benefits of playing Darts lies in its ability to foster social connectivity and community bonding.
“Darts really bring people together in a shared pursuit of fun and friendly competition and it’s perfect for all ages.”
Just turn up on Thursday or to find out more, call Paul on 0424 705 778.