Dad gets chop to help sick

BANKSTOWN’S Mark De La Cruz hadn’t gotten around to having a haircut for a few years which started during the pandemic but wasn’t sure what was stopping him from having a chop afterwards.

That was until a friend told him about children’s charity Variety Australia’s Hair with Heart campaign – and then Mark knew what he must do.
The campaign encourages donations of hair with the much-needed locks to be turned into wigs for those who’ve lost their hair from cancer, alopecia or other medical conditions.
“Once confirmed that my hair was the correct length to be made into a wig for children suffering from cancer and undergoing chemotherapy or those who had alopecia and also suffering hair loss, I made the decision to donate my hair,” he said.
“I quickly let family and friends know what I was doing and that I was also seeking their sponsorship for such a great cause.”
Initially hoping to raise $2,000 for the charity as well, Mark’s sponsorship efforts soon reached $4,000 which he has now donated along with his long hair.
“There is cancer in my family so I definitely have a soft spot for sufferers and those undergoing the ravages of treatment,” he said.
“Once I heard about it, it was a no-brainer to get involved and try to help.
“It’s such a worthwhile cause and I definitely recommend others to get involved.”
To find out more or make a donation: