Cruising into golden wedding anniversary

FIRST meeting in England where Geoff was holidaying, with Flo migrating to Australia six months later, the Harbrows will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on Friday after marrying in St Jerome’s Punchbowl on November 17, 1973 (pictured).

The Georges Hall couple, who are still in their same, first home, had two daughters Nicole and Karen with four grandchildren to follow – Mitchell, Kayla, Liam and Owen.
Geoff worked as a bread vendor for over 35 years while Flo worked for an accountant for over 30 years.
An avid golfer, Geoff is a member of Bankstown Golf Club while Flo says her hobby is catching up with her girls and friends over coffee.
She says that the secret to a long and happy marriage is “love and laughs” while Geoff says “respect” is everything.
“Just being there for someone else and putting them first is very important too,” Flo said.
The world travellers, having holidayed in the United Kingdom, Europe, the USA and Japan during their marriage, will soon set sail with all the family on a three-day cruise to celebrate their golden milestone.