Create Maori meeting hub

CUMBERLAND Council will sign a 20-year lease with Sydney Marae Alliance to build the first of its kind Maori community centre in Australia.

Mayor Steve Christou said it was a testament to multiculturalism in the community.
“After years of negotiation around this proposal, I welcome an outcome that ties the historic roots of our lands and communities in our city,” he said.
“Maori people have a long association, history and presence within NSW, which dates back to the late 1700s.
“Cumberland City will be a community hub for our Kiwi brother and sisters, attracting visitors from outside our local government area and our neighbours in New Zealand.”
The multimillion-dollar proposal will see the construction of a cultural centre, which aims to deliver community programs and events including cultural exchange programs, Anzac Day celebrations, conferences and language and dance classes.
The multipurpose facility at Greystanes will be built to support cultural and educational activities of a Maori Marae. A Marae is a sacred meeting place for Maori communities throughout New Zealand, and now Australia.
Sydney Marae Alliance CEO Domenico Brunetta said it was an exciting step for a unique community facility.
“We thank the council for this great opportunity to allow us to be part of such a great development that will have an impact on the local community and cultural groups for the next 25 years,” he said.
“This will be the first traditional Marae, a sacred meeting place for Maori communities throughout New Zealand and outside of New Zealand.”