Crackdown on hoon noise

CAMERAS could be used to detect noisy vehicles and reduce hooning and anti-social driving in locations like Auburn Road and Rodd Street, Birrong.

The State Government is trialling the new technology at two sites and if successful, State MP for Auburn, Lynda Voltz, wants to see them rolled out in Cumberland.
HOONS and their noisy vehicles are in the sights of State MP for Auburn, Lynda Voltz, who has called for new camera technology targeting offenders.
The technology will be trialled at two sites in southern Sydney with state-of-the-art noise cameras identifying vehicles that exceed noise limits and contribute to public safety concerns in the community.
Ms Voltz said if the trials proved successful she would like the initiative expanded.
She said one area of concern would be Auburn Road and Rodd Street, Birrong, which is particularly known for hoon activities.
“One of the biggest issues residents contact my office about is the dangerous activities of hoons on our neighbourhood streets,” she said.
“They not only endanger life but keep families awake in the early hours of the morning.”
She said the cameras would be “a critical step towards enhancing the quality of life for our residents by reducing unnecessary noise and promoting safer driving practices”.
The NSW Labor Government promised to take action to combat the anti-social driving behaviour of hoons and reduce noise pollution in suburban streets and has now called for the tenders for state-of-the-art noise cameras. The strategically placed cameras will measure the noise levels of passing vehicles.
The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has been empowered to issue fines of up to $1,000 to owners of vehicles that exceed the 90-decibel noise limit and 94 for motorbikes, demonstrating the serious commitment to enforcing noise regulations.