‘Crack Your First Job’ training success

TWENTY local migrants (pictured) are a step closer to landing their dream job after Rotary Club of Granville, in collaboration with Sewa Australia, hosted a ‘Crack Your First Job’ session at Granville Diggers last weekend.

Employers are constantly seeking suitable employees who can enable them to grow, according to job search mentor and session facilitator Jai Kumar.
“New migrants often need help in adapting to the Australian job market, including cultural understanding, refining their resume to an Australian acceptable format and learning the importance of building a good personal brand in their skill category,” he said.
The training session covered a spectrum of topics such as goal setting, a resume and cover letter review (tailoring applications to a specific job), networking and branding, job hunt strategies (how to navigate the job market), interview preparation (how to excel and stand out from the pack), overcoming challenges (and how to stay motivated) and producing an action plan (empowering participants with a clear roadmap for their job search journey).
“We are thrilled with the overwhelming response to our ‘Crack Your First Job’ training program,” incoming Granville Rotary President Stephen Mckee said.
“It’s heartening to see our local residents actively engaging in initiatives aimed at enhancing their employability and securing their future.”
Assisting thousands of individuals to achieve their career aspirations, facilitator Jai said the group was eager to learn.
“One of the most important clues I offered was the effectiveness of using LinkedIn to build yourself a profile in the market as well as developing relationships with recruiters whose job it is to help you find suitable work,” he said.