Community praised

State MP for Bankstown, Tania Mihailuk has praised the charities, Clubs, community groups, businesses and individuals, who have been helping to ensure the welfare of some of the Bankstown area’s most vulnerable residents impacted by recent COVID-19 (Coronavirus) restrictions.

Many local organisations and good Samaritans have been providing valuable services and support, including referral services, delivery of meals and shopping services for many elderly residents, who are most at risk from the pandemic outbreak and, as a result, are now unable to leave their homes.
Bankstown Meals on Wheels recently purchased vital groceries for 104-year-old war veteran and well-known Bankstown local Mr Bert Collins, who has been following strict government advice to stay home, ensuring that Mr Collins does not go without essential items.
Ms Mihailuk said these acts of charity, kindness and compassion by the local community are an inspiration during what is a very difficult time and has joined in the efforts, with her office calling residents to check on their wellbeing and connect those doing it though with much-needed support services.
Recent restrictions requiring people to stay at home are necessary to slow the spread of the virus but are having a devastating impact on the local area, with business closures and job losses leaving many struggling.
Ms Mihailuk has commended the unity shown by our local community and has urged everyone to look out for one another and assist those in need whenever they can, saying she is confident the Bankstown community can and will pull through the current crisis.
“Now, more than ever, we must come together and support one another, so that no one is left to face these difficult times alone,” Ms Mihailuk said.
“I applaud the generous volunteers, charities, community groups, businesses for the time and effort they have contributed towards helping those who need it most. I am proud to represent such a tight-knit community.
“I have been heartbroken by the devastating loss of jobs and the tragic impact the Coronavirus outbreak is having on local residents, businesses, clubs and our way of life.
“I am greatly inspired by Bankstown’s strong community spirit and the incredible dedication of those who are working hard for our community on the frontline.
“Together we will pull through and rebuild our local community.”