Coles offer local jobs

Coles stores in Canterbury-Bankstown have 37 positions open to meet customer demand, providing much-needed employment opportunities at a time when many Australians are urgently seeking work.
The local recruits have been fast-tracked into Coles’ supermarkets and liquor stores across the region and have come from a wide range of industries and businesses, including many that have been forced to close or to stand down staff such as in travel, sport, fitness and hospitality.
Nationally Coles has recruited more than 7000 people in just two weeks to meet customer demand and has now extended the recruitment drive by opening an additional 5000 positions across the country.
The roles include store team members to serve customers and replenish shelves in Coles supermarkets and liquor stores, Customer Service Agents to deliver orders to Coles online customers, and more than 100 trade qualified bakers for in-store bakeries.
Among the thousands of newly-hired Coles team members are NSW resident and international flight attendant Jenny Dunworth who was stood down after a decade serving as a Virgin Australia flight attendant.
“It was upsetting but extremely necessary given the current climate and we’re living in a surreal world, but nothing is more important than keeping each other safe,” the 33-year-old said.
“I saw a job post on social media. I applied and was immediately accepted. I’m grateful to have a casual job right now, if only to keep my sanity.”
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