Coffee cup war

Helping stop the scourge of non-recyclable takeaway coffee cups, Andrew and Stephanie Haralambou from Sergios, are one of the cafes at Marrickville Metro taking part in a new swap-and-go scheme.

THE Inner West will become “the epicentre of a coffee cup revolution” with its swap-and-go coffee cup scheme helping eliminate wasteful disposable coffee cups across the country, says Mayor Darcy Byrne.

Brews up way to reduce cup waste

HELPING stem the tide of the millions of disposable coffee cups that end up in landfill, 32 cafes in the Inner West have signed up for a new swap-and-go scheme.
Participating cafes provide free reusable coffee cups, which customers can return within 30 days to any other participating cafe. The cups are then cleaned and reused.
Mayor Darcy Byrne says single use cups can be a major source of littering and are difficult to recycle, as they are made from a composite material – paper with a plastic waterproof layer.
“We are forced to spend a huge amount of ratepayers’ money taking non-recyclable cups to landfill,” he said.
“Through this reusable cup scheme, we can reduce waste, save money and help local cafes meet their customers’ preferences for environmentally sustainable products and services.”
The scheme is a collaboration between Inner West Council, reusable cup system Green Caffeen and the Responsible Cafes program.
Becoming the first shopping centre to join the scheme, with a majority of its cafes already signed up, Dean Young at Marrickville Metro says partnering with the council on the Green Caffeen initiative was a no-brainer.
“Getting our retailers involved with the Green Caffeen program will improve our footprint, of course, but, more importantly, it gives us an opportunity to take a step in the right direction to becoming a more sustainable centre, something we feel strongly about,” he said.
To participate, download the Green Caffeen app from the App Store or Google Play and get a free Green Caffeen cup at a participating cafe. Cups returned after 30 days are charged at $12.99 via the App.