Clubs join boom in female cricket

Auburn Eagles president Mike Wood welcomes former Auburn MP Barbary Perry, who will head up a new female cricket venture.

WITH Commonwealth Bank research showing that six in every 10 new participants taking up cricket is female, the growth in popularity and uptake in cricket comes after soaring interest in women’s sport generally thanks to increased TV coverage inspiring more women and girls to play competitive sport.

Now local women and girls can jump on the bandwagon and join ultra-friendly and supportive clubs –  Auburn Cricket Club ‘The Eagles’ and the Fairfield-Liverpool Cricket Club ‘The Lions’ – with both creating an exciting new opportunity for females to play great cricket.

You don’t need to be Elyse Perry or Allysa Healy. Everyone, junior or senior will have access to great professional coaching.  

The senior team will play in Auburn’s Mona Park, on a lovely turf pitch oval with brand new dressing rooms. 

The girls and ladies in this first season, will be part of an exciting new female cricket growth boom.

Former NSW cabinet minister Barbara Perry will head up this new female cricket venture.  

Registration will begin in late June but the clubs need to know how many teams to register and insure. 

For further info, call Mike Wood on 0418 470 924.