Clean up order – Asbestos found in local suburbs

CLEAN-UP notices have been issued for Sydney Metro sites at Campsie and Canterbury after they become embroiled in the investigation into the discovery of bonded asbestos in mulch at Rozelle Parklands.

Although ”low risk”, the bonded asbestos at the Campsie and Canterbury sites, was found during an investigation into its discovery at Rozelle earlier this month, which led to inspections and sampling at sites across Sydney.
The notices require Transport for NSW and Sydney Metro to complete a detailed site investigation and prepare a report to assess the presence of asbestos in any mulch used for landscaping purposes.
All positive detections are of non-friable or bonded asbestos, which NSW Health advises is low risk to people’s health.
At this stage, contamination of bonded asbestos in mulch has only been linked to one supplier, who was issued a Prevention Notice, which stops it from selling the product. This was then followed by a Clean-Up Notice, directing the supplier to notify all customers who received the identified mulch.
NSW EPA Chief Executive Officer Tony Chappel said that finding any asbestos was concerning and “we are working as quickly as possible to get to the bottom of this situation”.
“We encourage anyone who has concerns about mulch they’ve recently received, to contact the EPA Environment Line,” he said.
The EPA has also requested detailed site management plans to ensure the locations are safe for their intended use, and that any potential asbestos contamination is managed to protect people’s health and the environment.
Transport for NSW together with Sydney Metro, is continuing to review and conduct targeted testing for asbestos at locations where landscaping work has been completed using recycled mulch products.