Church igniting love of reading

SPENDING less time reading books due to technology, social media and platforms like Netflix and Stan is not unusual in today’s society but Saint Nicholas Punchbowl leaders were concerned that parishioners were also distracted from working on their relationship with God.

So the idea of starting a book club was born, with the St Nicholas English Book Club successfully holding its first meeting earlier this month to encourage youth and parishioners to read spiritually enlightening books together.
“Our first meeting saw 24 attend out of 29 registrations,” organiser Mandy said.
“This included people who love to read and people who find it hard to read but were encouraged by the initiative.
“We chose ‘The Way of the Pilgrim’ as our first book because it is a classic piece of Orthodox literature encouraging the art of unceasing prayer, while written in a captivating way.”
Future book genres include ‘Different Lives of Saints’ and ‘Orthodox Christianity in Practice’.
For further info on book club times which may vary, call 0431 327 135.