Child burns on rise alert

PARENTS and carers are urged to be extra vigilant this winter with more than 400 children treated for burns last year.

The majority of burns were caused by hot food and drink, as well as coming in contact with a heater. Such incidents are potentially very serious and can cause lifelong scarring, especially if not treated correctly.
Kids Health chief Suzanne Wicks says burns happen in seconds and applying the correct first-aid as soon as possible is vital.
She says burns are some of the most common childhood injuries but by taking simple steps you can remove many of the potential risks to a child.
“The majority of burn incidents are preventable,” she said.
“Toddlers are most at risk simply because they are curious and move quickly and unpredictably, gaining access to hot items or surfaces before an adult can intervene.”
The safest and most effective method for cooling down any burn is to apply cold running water for 20 minutes.
“Using cool running water on the burn up to three hours after the incident can reduce the thickness of the burn as well as the time a burn will take to heal,” Mrs Wicks said.